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NBC News: Asian American article about Jessica Gimeno who deals with chronic pain and mental health issues
Buzzfeed list of graphics depicting conversations about depression between Asian youths and their parents, including what they wish the conversation would go like, and how they really end up occurring
One of the main bloggers of Disgrasian reflects on the shame that she has unintentionally felt towards her own depression, and how this might be reinforced by the stigmas towards mental health in the Asian community and in mainstream society
Article about the body image issues that exist among Asian American women, how this desire to be thin is perpetuated by the media
Emily Wu Truong (吳怡萱) is a Taiwanese American Community Activist for Mental Health Awareness in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County.
Author discusses the attitudes of South Asians towards mental health, how there is not much discussion or acknowledgment of the importance or existence of mental health, how this “silence” is detrimental to the community
Interview with President of the University of Cincinnati, who discusses his past suicide attempts
A blog collecting stories and discussing experiences of Asian American women who have overcome their unhealthy “quest, past and present, for the ‘perfect’ body.
AAPI Harvard students share their experiences with the misconceptions of mental illness in their own families and communities, how this is harmful, and how mental health in general needs to be more culturally sensitive