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  • Interview with Grace and Maria Sep 8, 17 - Grace and Maria are two Asian American young professional women living in the Midwest. They recently became friends and bonded over shared experiences of dealing with mental illness in their families. In this interview, they hope to show how important it is to share stories in order to break the stigma about mental illness in […]
  • I need help. Feb 10, 17 - Guest Post by M.C.
    I never wanted or intended to admit my mental illness because like many others, it was never a topic of conversation. My illness is rooted in feelings of shame and inability to be the best I can possibly be. I portray myself as strong and independent; I am educated, I have a supportive family and friend group, I have a job, a stable income, insurance, and a plethora of other privileges. I don’t need help, but I do.
  • Amy Li Aug 28, 16 - Guest Post by Amy Li
    Dear younger self, When you were a little girl in China, you wanted to be a gypsy — to sing, dance, and travel around the world. The [...]
  • Kristina Wong Aug 28, 16 - Guest Post by Kristina Wong
    As part of TEAM (Together Empowering Asian Minds), a new campaign to address mental health among Asian American women, APIA women are publishing letters to their younger selves.

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