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  • I need help. Feb 10, 17 - Guest Post by M.C.
    I never wanted or intended to admit my mental illness because like many others, it was never a topic of conversation. My illness is rooted in feelings of shame and inability to be the best I can possibly be. I portray myself as strong and independent; I am educated, I have a supportive family and friend group, I have a job, a stable income, insurance, and a plethora of other privileges. I don’t need help, but I do.
  • Amy Li Aug 28, 16 - Guest Post by Amy Li
    Dear younger self, When you were a little girl in China, you wanted to be a gypsy — to sing, dance, and travel around the world. The [...]
  • Kristina Wong Aug 28, 16 - Guest Post by Kristina Wong
    As part of TEAM (Together Empowering Asian Minds), a new campaign to address mental health among Asian American women, APIA women are publishing letters to their younger selves.

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